Public workers

The leaders of public employment are the Nordic countries: Norway (30%), Denmark (29%), Sweden (29%) and Finland (25%) top the list. While Asians are at the bottom: Japan (6%) and South Korea (8%). Switzerland is the European OECD country with the lowest percentage of public employees out of total workers with 10%, followed by Germany (11%). Although the German case is different because it does not include the health sector, based on the mutual system.

Spain is very close to countries such as Portugal (15%) and the United Kingdom (16%), and is above Italy (14%), but very far behind France (21%).

New workers

Spain is one of the OECD countries with the oldest administration. The percentage of workers over 55 is 35%, only surpassed by Iceland (40%) and Italy (45%). The OECD average is 24%. The percentage of civil servants in Spain with less than 34 years is only 5%, just above the records of Greece (4%) and Italy (2%). The average is 18%.