EMPLOYEES´ CONSULTATION online – 14/06/2021

On 14/06/2021 the employees’ consultation of the project Rights to information, Consultation and Participation for Employee’s Well-being at Workplaces (RECOPA) was held online.

The participants from Spain, Italia, Portugal, Latvia, Serbia and Lithuania attended the meeting.

During the event, there was interpretation from Spanish to Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Serbian and Portuguese.

During the first part of the event, there was a welcome and introduction of all the partners, as well as the presentation, objectives, results and next steps of the project.

Then, the expert Mr. Vera made the presentation of the Research phase of the project, followed by questions and answers, changes and final conclusions about the analysis phase.

This was followed by a debate on the current situation regarding occupational health and safety in workers in an essential community service in the face of the Covid_19 pandemic.

The intervention and several things worth highlighting, namely:
● From a generic point of view, the project was praised for the richness and variety that it had in its initial approach and also its orientation on that basis to the police field, but it was also indicated that as a consequence of the breadth of its objectives (around collective rights and psychosocial risks as two major issues to relate and around which to draw conclusions) the immense wealth of organizations from different areas made the treatment of their issues for the police and others very ambitious, making it moments seem endless.
● On the other hand, an attempt was made to show during the presentation of the report the reason for the approach chosen to address the Project’s objectives during the analysis phase. In this sense, the intention has been to deal with both issues in an interrelated way without obviating the need to pay more detailed attention to the same but in direct relation to the police field, nor to forget that the participation of organizations from other fields made it necessary not to focus everything solely and exclusively on the police field. As a consequence of this, the work has been complicated, but very enriching.